Funding Priorities

The Encova Foundation of West Virginia serves primarily the state of West Virginia but will consider, on a limited basis, applications from the footprint in which Encova writes insurance.

However, the Foundation Board recognizes that not all organizations and projects directly cover any one specific region or state. Special consideration will be given to applications that may not fall within state lines, provided the results affect one or more of the above-mentioned areas.

In order to focus our resources on projects that we feel can make a significant impact, we have created a listing of initiatives most closely connected with the company’s goals and identity. As such, the Encova Foundation of West Virginia will support a variety of organizations, projects, programs and/or events, provided that they fall under one of the following priorities:

  • Workplace Safety
    • We firmly believe that safety is an asset, not an expense. The benefits of having a safe workplace are endless: companies can save money and maximize returns on their investments by reducing accident expenses.
  • Community Arts and Education
    • We are proud to celebrate and promote the strength and excellence of the many art and education organizations within our region’s communities.
  • Youth
    • We are committed to help cultivate a sound foundation for our community leaders of tomorrow.
  • Healthcare Issues
    • Supporting a healthier quality of life for all citizens allows companies and organizations to perform to maximum capabilities, thereby increasing output, morale and so on.

Please be aware that the Encova Foundation of West Virginia will not consider donations to the following:

  • National fundraising campaigns
  • Political, labor, fraternal, military or religious organizations or initiatives
  • Organizations that practice discrimination by race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, origin, disability, veteran status, military status or other factors
  • Requests by mass mailing to generic addresses

In addition to the above priorities, we ask the following of our applicants:

  • That your project, initiative or event be well defined and specifically outlined in your request
  • That your project, initiative or event promote significant and lasting effects in your region or community

All requests must be submitted through the online form.
You will be notified of approval or denial by an Encova representative.

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